The Live Out Your Dreams (LOYD) schools’ tour founded by Khayelitsha-raised TV and radio PERSONALITY DJ Loyd is taking an inspirational hold on schools in the Western Cape. Designed as an interactive, motivational and educational platform for high school youngsters to get support in choosing their desired line of work, the tour is getting warm welcomes in the province’s poor and well-off schools.

Recently, Mdebuka, himself a well-known self-starter who reached prominence as a GoodHope FM weekend DJ, as a television PERSONALITY and a respected businessman, visited the Elswood Secondary School in one of the Cape’s poorest neighbourhood – Elsies River. Like Khayelitsha, the area is gang-ridden, most of its populace is unemployed and young people experiment with drugs daily. Elswood Secondary’s principal Nikolaas Zass walked the City Vision news team through the school to show where most off the fencing, advertising billboard structures and electricity cables had been ripped off clean.

“It’s an exceedingly dangerous environment for our leaners to be educated in and our school is not unique to this challenge,” he said.

However this did nothing to dampen the celebratory moods of the pupils. Seeing their favourite TV personality in PERSON, the learners expressed more joy in helping to celebrate their school reaching a 50 year milestone last week.

Mdebuka encouraged the youths to “never look back, but to what is is that you see yourself as in future.” He said: “I take this moment to ensure that after today you gather up all the courage you have; as young as you are today you will make a big impact in future. Let is START NOW.”


In an effort to help young people shield themselves against pending social ills, the LOYD tour has taken it upon itself to expose a myriad of learners at various schools to modern channels of career guidance. Mdebuka said at the end of each visit, he PERSONALLY selects about 10 pupils to receive direct mentorship, advice and other forms of supports to help them make the breakthrough they need.

A number of first-time university students often lost their focus as learning as they are either too poor to afford necessities or are distracted by the party-filled life found at higher education institutions. Mdebuka cautioned the leaners ta the school to “maintain a strong focus in order not to slip up when you’re already too high.” Mdebuka is to visit more schools throughout the year and plans to reach thousands more by 2015.

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